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MTI products by DD-COMPOUND are available in China

This is a good news for composites customers applying vacuum infusion process, especially for companies making parts in China. ITS COMPOSITES has been authorized by DD-COMPOUND for distribution of MTI technology in China. 

MTI® Technology for Vacuum Infusion

MTI® hose

MTI® (Membrane Tube Infusion) is a cutting edge production aide developed by German engineers to optimize the Vacuum Infusion Process. There is no autoclave or resin trap required. The functionality of MTI® is based on a microporous membrane hose which is permeable to gas but impermeable to resin.

Features of the MTI® hose:

1.Impermeable to resin

2.Permeable to air

Benefits of MTI® hose:

1.Higher process safety

2.Complete impregnation of the fabrics

3.Minimize of resin consumption

4.High portion in fibre volume ratio

5.Visible infusion process

6.Reduction of Dry Spots

7.Reduce the amount of time required for process buildup

8.No extra investment costs for the implementation

9.Easy to integrate into existing processes

Package100 meters/roll

MTI® Valve

The MTI® valve is used in the resin line and controls the resin infusion by means of pressure. During the infusion it represents for the resin infusion a counter-pressure to the under pressure in the part. If this counter-pressure is too big, the valve closes.The resin infusion stops. No more resin enters the part.The valve is adjusted that the counter-pressure becomes too great for the resin at precisely the point when the necessary under pressure in the part for the fibres to reach an optimum height to be covered in resin is achieved C thus also achieving an optimum fibre volume ratio. Supervising the resin supply is not necessary any more,provided that enough resin exists.

Benefits of MTI® hose:

1.Regulates itself the infusion of resin

2.No resin pooling at inlet point

3.Fibres are evenly covered with resin

4.Homogeneous laminate

5.Optimum fibre volume ratio

6.Highest quality of parts with reproducible results

7.Working hours and its costs can be saved

Package10 pcs/pack