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Vacmobile 2S vacuum infusion equipment is available in China

Vacmobile 2S vacuum infusion is now being introduced to Chinese composites industry through cooperation between Vacmobile and ITS COMPOSITES. 


Vacmobile 2S is a single pump / single resin trap MODULAR mobile vacuum system for manufacturing composites using processes such as resin infusion and vacuum bagging, and is perfect for both infusers of large parts and new infusers.

The Vacmobile 2S is based on a sturdy but light weight mobile docking cart.The bottom level of the cart will accommodate a range of vacuum pumps up to 28 m3/h in capacity with 230 V/50 Hz power, or 12.7 cfm with 115 V/60 Hz power.While there are a number of resin trap lid and vacuum control options for the resin trap on the upper level of the cart, the maximum resin catching capacity is always 12 litres (3.1 US gallons)

When infusing large parts, the resin trap (complete with vacuum controls) may be removed from the mobile docking cart and remote mounted. Although we recommend having access to at least 2 vacuum systems when infusing resin into large and high value composites, our largest pump capacity Vacmobile 2S machines may be used to infuse up to approximately 200 m2 (2,150 ft2) or laminate C as long as the resin overflow can be limited to 12 litres (3.1 US gallons). If this is insufficient, the machines resin trap may be used as a manifold for up to 8 supplementary resin traps.